Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wig Industry is working hard to design the latest creations for a collaboration at Battersea Arts centre in London.
Working together with dancing Brick, they have been commissioned for a Scratch performance in May. They are in charge of creating the weird and wonderful world of A L I C E - a progress. The piece is a celebration analogue technology on the eve of it becoming obsolete.

It is the eve of the shutdown of analogue signal. A man, in an apartment somewhere is trying to edit together the pieces of video of a woman he once knew. Heʼs going to lose her forever if he doesnʼt hurry, but the machines are eating his time and regurgitating each tape. Her image vanishes into a snowstorm of static.
Meanwhile, inside, the analogue world is celebrating, inebriating itself, getting ready for the end. An endless catwalk of colourful creatures, shoulder pads and hairspray dance in ecstasy, as they make their way to oblivion.
A dodgy preacher infiltrates the party to gather any remaining sinners he promises to save. He tells them of the comforts of technology you can touch, and sells them special eye-ware to view the eclipse that is coming.
Somewhere, trapped in this world is a little girl, searching for her lost doll. Will she find her way out in time? or will be be swallowed into oblivion?

Technology, shamanism, ritual, colour, obsession, tape, innocence, video, prospect, expectation, spiritualism, connecting with signal...

All this and more, coming soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wig Industry Invité au Portugal, 2010

Wig Industry a été invitée à une résidence pour la création d'un nouveau spectacle à Porto, Portugal, en 2010 en coproduction avec l'école Academia Contemporânea do Espectàculo, et sa compagnie Teatro do Bolhão. Wig Industry se présentera dans le Palàcio do Conde do Bolhão, monument national actuellement en reconstruction. Ce palais, important centre culturel au XIXème siècle, réouvrira en tant que nouvelles installations de cette école. Le spectacle sera présenté dans le cadre du festival d'anniversaire des 20 ans de l'institution pédagogique. Wig Industry propose aussi son workshop aux élèves en troisième année de formation, riche en collaboration avec des autres noms du théâtre international. Plus de détails bientôt.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Wig Industry's website is coming soon. So watch this space!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Walking the docks...

Wig Industry have been invited to perform at the Late at Docklands event at the Museum in Docklands in London on Thursday the 6th of November. The event hosted by Dancing Brick is an evening of theatrical upstarts crunching the problems of the city in the jaws of the Docklands. Wig Industry will be performing along with many other artists and musicians in a evening of sketchy theatre, theatrical sketches, music and comedy from the best of London’s new theatre makers.

For more information on the event and how to get to the Museum in Docklands please visit:

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Based in Paris, London and Oslo, Wig Industry Theatre is the latest in structural form-based theatre. Through the creation of visual universes WIT explores the dynamics between movement, space and form.